Where To Stay In Mykonos

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My sister Alica and I had the pleasure to spend 7 wonderful days in 3 beautiful hotels on the island of Mykonos in Greece. We enjoyed our first 3 days in the “Absolut Mykonos Suites & More“, which has the most amazing architecture and a gorgeous view, then we proceeded further to the ,,Colors of Mykonos“ which is located on the countryside and has a whirlpool on every balcony (omg yes) and last but not least to the gorgeous ,,Mykonos Waves“, which is every surfers dream boutique hotel. I can’t recommend these hotels enough, because their architecture and interior is breathtaking, the food amazing and especially the staff will blow your mind: they were so kind, friendly and always offered their help for basically every situation you could imagine.

[This post is in collaboration with the Absolut Mykonos Suites and More, Colours of Mykonos and Mykonos Waves]

Absolut Mykonos

Our first hotel was the Absolut Mykonos Suites & More which is a 3min walking distance from Chora – the main town of Mykonos. The Absolut Mykonos has it all: super cozy rooms with a beautiful view over the beach, the most friendly staff you could ever imagine, a beautiful infinity pool and instagram worth beach beds, a gym and spa and an amazing, vegan friendly breakfast buffet + THE MOST AMAZING SUNSETS YOU WILL EVER SEE. We have spent our first day in Mykonos relaxing at the pool, taking some photos and enjoying the beauty of this hotel. The rooms are all equipped with a cozy bed, a gorgeous shower, which is separated from the actual bathroom, and a balcony with a gorgeous ocean view. I can honestly tell you: everything about this hotel is instagram worthy ! We even got the chance to get an amazing massage at the hotels spa and it really was the best massage I’ve ever gotten.

The Absolut Mykonos is a very stylish and luxurious hotel and its located in the best area you could possibly stay in on Mykonos, due to the short walking distances to the most popular spots like Litte Venice and all the teeny tiny shops and beautiful restaurants in Chora. In my opinion the style is super modern and clean, which makes it a perfect spot for your vacay photos 




The pool area at the Absolut Mykonos Suites and More – It was so relaxing to chill out, have some avocado on toast (yes you can get avo toast here ;), work on my laptop and spend some quality time with my sister.

If you know my interior taste, you know that these rooms fit my taste so well ! I loved all the white and blue details and the balcony was one of the places we hung out the most, because of its amazing view. We relaxed there every evening, drank some wine, ate bread and olives with balsamic and olive oil and had some big laughs !

The pool bar was such a nice place to work from ! I always took my laptop with me, drank some coffee and worked my way through all the photos I had to edit and focused on new ideas / plans on what kind of shots we were going to take that day  The prices for food and drinks are affordable and the food is such good quality – you can really tell that its super fresh !

This is the ensõ spa at the Absolut Mykonos – my sister and I both got a neck and shoulder massage, which really was the best massage I’ve ever gotten (yes ! even after several thailand trips) – Eva has magical hands ! These are the other treatments you can get, besides a visit to the sauna and / or hamam:

• Deep Cleansing & Detox • Spa Floral Brightening Care • Hot Stone Hydration and Radiance with Flowers • Aroma Massage • Back / Neck & Shoulder Massage • Head & Foot Massage • Leg Massage • Deep Relaxation Body Massage • Relax Massage

Click here: Absolut Mykonos Suites & More

Colours of Mykonos

We have spent day 4&5 at the cozy Colours of Mykonos, which gave us all of the feelathome-vibes we love ! The hotel is located close to Psarou Beach, but you will need a car or use the hotels own driving service in order to get where you want to, because it is a little bit off the beaten track [which we love]. Our room was equipped with an amazing balcony + a whirlpool (OMG YES!). The hotel manager was so kind – we immediately felt welcome and she even made sure that I got my beloved fruit salad for breakkie  we even got a little old school phone to call her if we needed anything. We spent most of our time at the Colours relaxing at the beautiful pool or in our hot tub in the evening..btw: its the perfect place to order some pizza and eat it there, because its just so cozy!

This place takes you immediately to your greek architecture dreams ! So so cozy…you feel at home the second you arrive and being off the beaten track makes this hotel even more amazing, because you can’t feel anything but relaxed here <3

I think its really useful to have a rental car, quad or scooter while you stay in Mykonos, because it just makes everything so much easier and exploring the island is a lot of fun ! Whenever we were finished relaxing at the Colours of Mykonos, we mostly took our little rental car on a exploring tour around the island, bought snacks at the supermarket for our usual evening chat session on the balcony or had lunch / dinner in Chora.

Click here: Colours of Mykonos

Mykonos Waves

If you love beachy, white & wooden designs, having your own little kitchen and being located right at the islands most popular wind-surf-beach Korfos – this is the place for you ! The Mykonos Waves Beach House & Suites is a super stylish beach hotel and looks like something I would like to live in in the future  We were lucky enough to spend our last 2 days on the island here and we felt so relaxed ! The hotel manager was so kind and he gave us some great tipps, like visiting the nearby island of Delos for a ancient greek cultural experience and how to get there – he was always in a great mood. Taking the perfect instagram shots was so fun and easy, because literally EVERYTHING about the Mykonos Waves is insta-worthy! The little beanbag chairs on the pool make it the perfect place for a sundowner before heading off to one of the islands beach clubs or to dinner.

The rooms are equipped with a little kitchen, so preparing your own meals isn’t a problem at all – this is especially great for people like me, who live on a specific diet (eating vegan in Mykonos was quite hard) or who just like to cook their own fresh food (which is a lot cheaper than eating out – A LOT – because restaurants are very pricey in Mykonos). Our beautiful white bed was facing our balcony door and therefore we could watch the sunrise over the ocean while waking up  what more could you ask for?

Click here: Mykonos Waves Beach House & Suites